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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Lost Saga - Character gallery

Finally, an English MMO~! Well, its not your typical MMORPG, but the lack of new English MMOs recently really killed off alot of mood for gamers. Lost Saga is a beat-them-up room based MMO, pretty much like the classic Power Stone and Super Mario Smash Bros. More information can be found in the official link below, but here are the full list of characters up till now in the Korean server with the latest being Mighty Paladin and Mafia.

Official English website:


The 'click their skills banners' are really cool :)

That... actually doesn't look so bad... Considering Rakion is now dead (Rechecked yesterday and population was pretty much nil), I'd be willing to give it a try. I'm not a fan of cartoonish graphics, but the whole class pile looks interesting so I'd give it a try.

o 3o
How do you get the Grim Repaer character in the english version?

Its not out yet I believe... The characters should be released periodically~

i want the smile joker on the english version =(

Grim isn't out yet, and Smile will be coming I believe after Justice Defender. Also, they took out Grim from the Capsules so no getting it at all.

Grim is out ive seen a grim reaper player before I just wanna know how to get plz help

is the grim ever coming out

Mafia looks soooooo good. I'm gonna get that!

I've got the kage in english so fun :D
Can't wait for musketeer and mafia!

what about the tiger it is a new chaerater on lost saga koreon


That stinks! I though the Taekwon Master or Captain Hook! Grim Reaper is good too though. The one I REALLY want is Lightning Mage though!

yup preety much a kick ass game at it's best

let the joker ccome out in english soon plz

musketeer and mafia are going to be some kick ass shit

the tiger looks fun
the reaper came out on the the English version already so don't work u can buy it
i hope the tiger and mafia aint the last 1s i love those the shooting 1s r fun
the tiger looks like fun with the tail skill looks like if it was raping that person

i want all of them on na version

cool baner.. where can i get that?

Added new character, Saladin.

Wow, this page owns...but when it gets alot of characters.. add more pages cause it'll lag like hell

I WAS playing on KLS until I couldn't even go to a plaza because of some popup asking me for information...probably a test to see if I live in Korea or not. Anyways, I uninstalled it because after I tried to fix the popup, my internet stopped working.

Will transfer the newer characters to a new post soon.


dude nice work, but i cant wait for lightning, theyll be awesome, but paladin looks cool too XD i love lost saga XD

I wish they could release two heroes every major update it would make this game be caught up with the korean version and plus it'd give us access to the more awesome heroes.

I cant wait for tiger, mafia, and etc till they come out

i cant wait till they add all the classes that are not in English
1 Smile Joker
2 Justice Defender
3 Mighty Paladin
4 Tiger
5 Saladin
6 Musketeer
7 Mafia
8 Lighting Mage

Where's the Wind Mage already?

omg i love the mighty paladin! when will it come out in eu Q.Q


ALL but the last 4 are playable in the English Lost Saga now. I'm so excited!

Lets not forget that now that the American version of Lost Saga will see a slow-down now that we're almost caught up to Korea's version (not forget the original). And what the developer has in store for Korea such as (vaguely translated) Earth Shaman, Demigod, Samurai and Holy Monk (can also mean priest).

is the soccer game system for LS is it there forever or temporaly untill the world cup ends for the futbol

Actually depends. I have seen some games keep their themed mini games update, some do remove after a period of time. You are better off asking this in the official forums where maybe the staff can reply :)

any new characters coming soon? i luv the gae but i like things to look forward to, also if u play english ver, i would like to fight u my in game name is jbcold


i want tiger i already have reaper

Joker, Lightning, Paladin, Mafia, Tiger, then Saladin! We're so close!

When is Korea to expect a new update to their game and perhaps a new hero for them?

Most probably after the World Cup.

reading these comments, DemiGod and Earth Shaman really caught my attention and imust say the idea of a DemiGod class isinteresting....

hey when does Lost Saga in america update???

will anynew heros come on next update?? if so,which ones?


Mafia should be out within the next 2 or 3 updates

What would be next class after saladin?

Lit. Mage got released before Joker in English Lost Saga >:

I figured out that update for english ls is every 2 weeks sooo maybe its same for kls

Anyone know when Mafia is coming out

When will you put up new charcters?

OGPlanet's lost saga is taking a break from releasing new lost saga characters. Instead, they're replacing the slots for them in the capsules with more and more extra epic gears. Plus with all the events, they're trying to stall more for the releases.

tiger is the best but when will the new charcters (which is mafia tiger and saladin ) come out in lost saga

What rank do u have to be to get tiger

well i cant wait till mafia tiger and saladian come out

Tiger=Epic Hobbes

...Or Calvin/Hobbes' baby o.o

they are all out exept Paladin, mafia , saladin and tiger

the Paladin is buyable in a treasure capsule.!! MAFIA IS THE BEST

BDW this is europe im talking about.

Yay guys, i cant wait till Mafia, Tiger and Saladin!!! I dont care about the rank of use i'm 1LT Class 4 (It would be horrible that tiger come for CPT lol >.< )

[Tiger < CPT] = Fail
[Tiger = CPT(1)] = Not fail.

Whens this gonna upload >.>

tiger out in american/europe LS = good :)
tiger cpt. class 1 = UGLY :(

this a fix of last post XD

to the ppl who play the KLS,there has been a rumor that theres a duel lightning char,i think its fake,but i need a confirmation.

Hayul no.... They JUST HAD a lightning character... Who told you that?

The next hero thats coming out for now is Mighty Paladin. (English Version)

andy is een yo kut bloedworst uit rosmalen

just can't wait, I sense it might be another week or two before a character intoduction......however there is

1. saladin (will probably come out first)
2. mighty paladin/grand templar (will act like english grim reaper and take another two to three heroes before making store)

woot on the wind mage(which is mostly epic gear) and time mage sounds awesome.....
don't forget the Summoner.

Mafia's in the capsules, AND I've been hearing rumors on the OGP LS forums that there's a new hero: a mix between reaper and shaman. Last they've seen it is in crusade.

I've been waiting for a Samurai class almost as long as I've been playing and I've always had the feeling that they were going to come out with one too. This game seems like it'll end up as a fighting game version of Final Fantasy Tactics

Shadow Warlock, Earth Shaman, Time Magician, Demigod... Those among others are rumors for now in Korea's LS forums and otherwise communities. Take it with a grain of salt, friends.

However, this is a good sign that they are building towards a "Season Two" of the game and people in Korea are getting excited. So there is no wrong doing for being excited as well.

^^ And with my previous post and come back from work, out comes hero #29;

Death Knight.

Death knight is out, in korea....and he's awesome...

still would love a time magician though.

the death knight is a melee class that uses shadow deamons.

I have already posted Part 2 of the character list more than 12 hours ago... Please refer to the links above...


:)] add me nick name : proleghtting

that amazing ! so cool !

Indonesian lost saga's character list:

-captain hook
-cowboy a.k.a western gunman
-fire mage
-cyber medic
-savage berserker
-robin hood
-crazy sapper a.k.a crazy miner
-ice mage
-infantryman a.k.a army footman
-space trooper a.k.a space soldier
-shadow assasin
-justice defender a.k.a victory defender
-tao warrior a.k.a bluedragon guanyu
-viking raider a.k.a viking sven
-taekwon master
-dark shaman (newest update)
-grim reaper
-lightning mage

that's all guys! :D

kontol ! by 1 aje bos ~x(

=)) ccd ny tuh hero ny cba sni by 1 sma gw

hero can only move if the click .... might be better if our heroes can be tried here;).. Thx

hero can only move if the click ....
might be better if our heroes can be tried here .. ;)

Wiii... walau lemot kalo' sudah selesai dewa....
Weee... Although the loading is slow, it worth waiting

kapan ya lost saga indonesia mengeluarkan premium exorcist qq

indonesia lama updatenya 1 bulan 2x

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